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Conference Proceedings
B. Fitzgerald and Kenny, T., Open source software in the trenches: Lessons from a large-scale OSS implementation, International Conference on Information Systems. 2003.
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W. Chen, Krishnan, V., and Zhu, K., "Release Early, Release Often"? An Empirical Analysis of Release Strategy in Open Source Software Co-Creation, PACIS 2013 Proceedings. 2013.PDF icon PACIS2013-002.pdf (175.81 KB)
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K. Hamasaki, Kula, R. G., Yoshida, N., Cruz, C. A. E., Fujiwara, K., and Iida, H., Who Does What during a Code Review? Datasets of OSS Peer Review Repositories , 10th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories. 2013.
Journal Article
S. Krishnamurthy, Cave or Community? An Empirical Examination of 100 Mature Open Source Projects, First Monday, vol. 7, 2002.PDF icon krishnamurthy.pdf (47.61 KB)
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M. Klang, Free software and open source: The freedom debate and its consequences (Published in First Monday), 2005.
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