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M. Matuska, Kategorisierung von Open Source Projekten: Aufbau- und Ablauforganisation (in german) - Categorization of Open Source Projects: Operational and Organizational Structure. 2003.PDF icon matuska.pdf (1.18 MB)
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W. Orlikowski, Knowing in Practice: Enacting a Collective Capability in Distributed Organizing, Organization Science, vol. 13, 2002.PDF icon orlikowski.pdf (3.15 MB)
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G. R. Lanzara, The Knowledge Ecology of Open-Source Software Projects, 2003.PDF icon lanzaramorner.pdf (245.15 KB)
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S. Modica, Knowledge Transfer in R&D Outsourcing (and Linux-Vs-Windows), 2003.PDF icon modica.pdf (262.54 KB)
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