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Towards a Unified Definition of Open Source Quality

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The Coming Software Revolution

The Coming Software Revolution, Rosenberg, D. K. , Proceedings of the 2nd ICSE Workshop on Open Source, (2002)

Mining email social networks

Mining email social networks, Bird, Christian, Gourley Alex, Devanbu Prem, Gertz Michael, and Swaminathan Anand , Proceedings of the 2006 international workshop on Mining software repositories, New York, NY, USA, p.137–143, (2006)

Acquisition of open source software

I recently graduated with a master in Innovation Management from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The subject of my master thesis is: How to buy something that is free?

It develops design principles, grounded in theory and practice, for the inclusion of (F/L)OSS in an organization's tactical procurement of software.

Organization's (especially government organization's) are very good at buying products. Creating an decent IT infrastructure proofs much more difficult. This thesis gives the reader design principles that can be used to change the way software is seen in the organization. They help an organization to strategically apply IT instead of just buying the next update.

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