OSS 2009 Conference

The 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems
3-6 June 2009, Skövde, Sweden

Conference web site: http://oss2009.org/
CFP: http://oss2009.org/index.php?id=cfp.htm (accepting submissions through 15 November, 2008)


LibreSoft is a part of the Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones (System and Communication Group, GSyC) at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos located in Móstoles, near Madrid, Spain.


Direct database access to FLOSSmole collection

We're excited to give you all a heads up that the entire FLOSSmole database is now available directly via a MySQL server.

We have transferred the database to the NSF TeraGrid Data Central hosting site [1] (based at the San Diego Supercomputing centre). It's a bigger machine and professionally administered, which was much better than we could offer ourselves. See below for access procedure.



The FLOSSmole data repository contains:

  • 300 GB of data covering the period 2004-now, and growing
  • datasets from over 140 web spidering operations, and growing each month
  • data on about 200,000 different open source projects and their developers

FLOSSmole aims to:


Sourceforge Research Data Archives

SourceForge.net Research Data Archive
(from http://www.nd.edu/~oss/Data/data.html)


FLOSS Weekly

FLOSS Weekly is a Free/Libre/Open-Source Software themed weekly podcast from the TWiT Network, available from http://www.twit.tv/FLOSS. It has been hosted by Chris DiBona, Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte. The show premiered on April 7, 2006, and features prominent guests from the free software/open source community.

Archived podcasts (netcasts) are also available here: http://www.nd.edu/~oss/FLOSS/floss.html


FLOSS Research Ethics

An excellent selection of resources related to FLOSS research ethics:


FLOSShub in development

The FLOSShub site is currently in development. We are developing a portal for the free/libre and open source software development and research community to provide easier access to a wide variety of resources for FLOSS research. Check back soon for new content and features!