CFP: IEEE DEST09 Open Source Digital Ecosystems

Call for Paper - Open Source Digital Ecosystems - IEEE DEST09

2009 IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and
Business Intelligence

Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-3, 2009
Full Research Paper Due: ** February 1 **, 2009

All papers accepted will be included in the Proceedings published by IEEE.


CFP: OSS 2009 Doctoral Consortium

OSS 2009 Doctoral Consortium
June 3, 2009, Skovde, Sweden

Co-located with OSS2009
The 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems
June 3-6, 2009, Skovde, Sweden

Co-located with the 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2009), a Doctoral Consortium will be organized on June 3, 2009.



Free/Libre Open Source Software: What We Know and What We Do Not Know

Note: this review of academic literature on FLOSS is open to editing by any registered user. Please add to the narrative with relevant citations and observations of trends in the FLOSS literature, including appropriate revision notes.


COSPA Knowledge Base

The Consortium on Open Source Software in Public Administration (COSPA) offers an extensive repository and knowledge base of articles on open source in the COSPA Knowledge Base.

FLOSS group on MyExperiment

Interested in analysis of FLOSS project data from repositories? Please feel free to join the FLOSS group on!

MyExperiment allows easy analysis workflow sharing and provides social networking tools for research collaboration. The FLOSS group is intended for researchers studying open source software development. Sharing analysis workflows and components is an efficient way to advance the efforts of the FLOSS research community and is consistent with the values of the development communities we study.


FLOSS @ Syracuse

The FLOSS research group at Syracuse University's iSchool offers several FLOSS research resources, developed in conjunction with research into work practices and dynamics of FLOSS development teams.

We are studying the following general research questions:

  • What practices make some distributed work teams more effective than others?
  • How are these practices developed?
  • What are the dynamics through which self-organizing distributed teams develop and work?

Presentations on FLOSS

Presentation slides on FLOSS and related topics are available from SlideShare; discover what people are presenting about FLOSS, and share your own work as well. These presentations may provide useful educational materials and a snapshot of how people are presenting FLOSS in a variety of settings.

The links below provide search query results for SlideShare:


The FOSSology project started out as an internal development effort at Hewlett Packard Company (HP). As part of HP’s own internal IT governance process, we needed a tool that would quickly and accurately describe how a given open source project was licensed. Rather than simply collecting a project’s advertised license (as given at their website or in their documentation), this tool needed to analyze all of the source code for a given project and intelligently report all of the licenses being used, based on the license declarations and tell-tale phrases that identify software licensing.



FLOSSMetrics [1] stands for Free/Libre Open Source Software Metrics.

The main objective of FLOSSMetrics is to construct, publish and analyse a large scale database with information and metrics about libre software development coming from several thousands of software projects, using existing methodologies, and tools already developed. The project will also provide a public platform for validation and industrial exploitation of results.




Ohloh [1] is a social network for open source developers. In addition to the community-oriented social features, Ohloh provides an API and tools for comparing languages and project metrics [2].