Software Engineering Research in the Bazaar

TitleSoftware Engineering Research in the Bazaar
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsHassan, AE, Godfrey, MW, Holt, RC
Secondary Title1st Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering at ICSE 2001
Keywordsapache, architecture, gcc, kernel, linux, linux kernel, mozilla, open source software, software architecture, Software Engineering Research, source code, vim

During the last five years, our research group has studied the architecture and evolution of several large open source systems — including Linux, GCC, VIM, Mozilla, and Apache — and we have found that open source software systems often exhibit interesting differences when compared to similar commercially-developed systems. Our investigations of these systems have involved the creation of software architecture models, software architecture repair, the creation of a reference architecture for web servers, the study of evolution and growth of open source systems, and the modelling of architectural properties of systems that are apparent only at build time.


"To gain a better understanding of a software system, we recover its software architecture from the system’s source code.
We recovered the architecture of many open source systems such as the Linux kernel [3], the Mozilla browser [5], the Apache web server [7], and the VIM editor [14]. The recovered architecture is browse-able to permit developers to interact with it, [10] shows an example for the Linux kernel."

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