Mining CVS repositories, the softChange experience

TitleMining CVS repositories, the softChange experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGerman, D
Secondary TitleProc. Int'l Workshop on Mining Software Repositories ({MSR})
Keywordsbugzilla, cvs, email archives, log files, logs, softchange

CVS logs are a rich source of software trails (information left behind by the contributors to the development process, usually in the forms of logs). This paper describes how softChange extracts these trails, and enhances them. This paper also addresses some challenges that CVS fact extraction poses to researchers.


"Mailing lists. Mailing lists are an important source of information about the evolution of the project. We currently correlate MRs [modification requests] to mail messages by using the author and the date attributes of both the MR and the message."

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