Introducing Usability Practices to OSS: The Insiders’ Experience

TitleIntroducing Usability Practices to OSS: The Insiders’ Experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsOsiński, S, Weiss, D
Secondary TitleOSS2007: Open Source Development, Adoption and Innovation (IFIP 2.13)
Pagination313 - 318
Date Published2007///
ISSN Number978-0-387-72485-0

This paper presents a case study of introducing usability practices to a small open source project called Carrot2. We describe our experiences from a point of view of an active Carrot2 developer, who is at the same time a usability enthusiast and practitioner. We perform a critical analysis of the system’s original user interface and describe the steps we took to improve it. We also analyse the success factors and the impact of the whole redesign process.

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