Co-change visualization applied to PostgreSQL and ArgoUML: (MSR challenge report)

TitleCo-change visualization applied to PostgreSQL and ArgoUML: (MSR challenge report)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBeyer, D
Secondary TitleProceedings of the 2006 international workshop on Mining software repositories
Place PublishedNew York, NY, USA
ISBN Number1-59593-397-2
Keywordsargouml, ccvisu, cvs, force-directed graph layout, graph, mining challenge, msr challenge, postgresql, software clustering, software structure analysis, software visualization, version control, visualization

Co-change visualization is a method to recover the subsystem structure of a software system from the version history, based on common changes and visual clustering. This paper presents the results of applying the tool CCVisu which implements co-change visualization, to the two open-source software systems PostgreSQL and ArgoUML The input of the method is the co-change graph, which can be easily extracted by CCVisu from a Cvs version repository. The output is a graph layout that places software artifacts that were often commonly changed at close positions, and artifacts that were rarely co-changed at distant positions. This property of the layout is due to the clustering property of the underlying energy model,which evaluates the quality of a produced layout. The layout can be displayed on the screen, or saved to a file in SVG or VRML format.

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