Process Mining Software Repositories

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{Linkster: Enabling Efficient Manual Mining}

{Linkster: Enabling Efficient Manual Mining}, Bird, Christian, Bachman Adrian, Rahman Foyzur, and Bernstein Abraham , Demonstration Track, Proceedings of the 17th SIGSOFT Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering, (2010)

Extracting source code from e-mails

Extracting source code from e-mails, Bacchelli, Alberto, D'Ambros Marco, and Lanza Michele , Proceedings of ICPC 2010 (18th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension), p.24-33, (2010)

Social interactions around cross-system bug fixings

Social interactions around cross-system bug fixings, Cerulo, Luigi, Cimitile Marta, Di Penta Massimiliano, and Canfora Gerardo , Proceedings of the 8th working conference on Mining software repositories - MSR '11, 05/2011, New York, New York, USA, p.143-152, (2011)
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