Improving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser

TitleImproving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHanson, VL, Brezin, JP, Crayne, S, Keates, S, Kjeldsen, R, Richards, JT, Swart, C, Trewin, S
Secondary TitleIbm Systems Journal
Accession NumberWOS:000231303100010

The accessibilityWorks project provides software enhancements to the Mozilla (TM) Web browser and allows users to control their browsing environment. Although Web accessibility standards specify markup that must be incorporated for Web pages to be accessible, these standards do not ensure a good experience for all Web users. This paper discusses user controls that facilitate a number of adaptations that can greatly increase the usability of Web pages for a diverse population of users. in addition to transformations that change page presentation, innovations are discussed that enable mouse and keyboard input correction as well as vision-based control for users unable to use their hands for computer input.


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