Using the DEMO methodology for modeling open source software development processes

TitleUsing the DEMO methodology for modeling open source software development processes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHuysmans, P, Ven, K, Verelst, J
Secondary TitleInformation and Software Technology
Pagination656 - 671
Date Published6/2010
ISSN Number09505849
KeywordsDEMO, Enterprise ontology, open source software, Software process modeling


Open source software development (OSSD) process modeling has received increasing interest in recent years. These efforts aim to identify common elements in the development process between multiple open source software (OSS) projects. However, the complexity inherent to OSSD process modeling puts significant demands on the modeling language.

In this paper, we propose that the Design and Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO) may provide an interesting alternative to develop OSSD process models. DEMO exhibits two unique features within the context of OSSD process modeling. First, DEMO analyzes processes at the ontological level and provides high-level process descriptions, instead of focusing on the implementation level. Second, DEMO studies the communication patterns between human actors, instead of the sequences in which activities are performed.

We investigate the feasibility of using DEMO to construct OSSD process models by means of a case study. DEMO models were constructed to describe the NetBeans Requirements and Release process. In addition, the quality of these DEMO models was evaluated using a quality framework for conceptual modeling.

Our results showed that our DEMO models exhibited a high level of abstraction, thereby reducing the complexity of the OSSD process models. In addition, the evaluation of the models developed in this paper by using the quality framework for conceptual modeling showed that the models were of high quality.

We have shown that the DEMO methodology can be successfully used to model OSSD processes and to obtain abstract and high-quality OSSD process models. However, given some potential drawbacks with respect to understandability and implementability, we primarily propose the use of DEMO within OSSD process modeling as an analysis tool that should be complemented with other techniques and models for communication and reenactment purposes.

Short TitleInformation and Software Technology
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