Understanding the Effects of Practices on KDE Ecosystem Health

TitleUnderstanding the Effects of Practices on KDE Ecosystem Health
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2017
Authorsda Amorim, SS, McGregor, JD, de Almeida, ES, von Chavez, CFG
Secondary TitleOpen Source Systems: Towards Robust Practices 13th International Conference on Open Source Systems
Series TitleIFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Date Published05/2017
KeywordsEthnographic studies, Open source software ecosystems, Software ecosystem health, Software practices

Open source software ecosystems have adjusted and evolved a set of practices over the years to support the delivery of sustainable software. However, few studies have investigated the impacts of such practices on the health of these ecosystems. In this paper, we present the results of an ethnographic-based study conducted during the Latin-American KDE users and contributors meeting (LaKademy 2015) with the goal of collecting practices used within the KDE ecosystem and understanding how they affect ecosystem health. The analysis was based on softgoal interdependency graphs adapted to represent practices and relate them to non-functional requirements and goals. Our results provide a preliminary insight to understand how KDE ecosystem community interacts, which working practices have been adopted and how they affect ecosystem health.

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