Trust and vulnerability in open source software

TitleTrust and vulnerability in open source software
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHissam, SA, Plakosh, D, Weinstock, C
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Secondary TitleSoftware, {IEE} Proceedings -
Start Page47
Date Published02/2002
ISSN Number1462-5970
Keywordsclosed source software, community of software developers, critical infrastructures, cyber criminal, open source software, PITAC, predictably reliable systems, predictably secure systems, software components, trust, users, vulnerability

Software plays an ever increasing role in the critical infrastructures that run our cities, manage our economies, and defend our nations. In 1999, the Presidents Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) reported to the United States President the need for software components that are reliable, tested, modelled and secure supporting the development of predictably reliable and secure systems that underscore our critical infrastructures. Open source software (OSS) constitutes a viable source for software components. Some believe that OSS is more reliable and more secure than closed source software (CSS)-due to a phenomenon dubbed 'many eyeballs'-but is this truly the case? Or does OSS give the cyber criminal an edge that he would likewise not have? We explore OSS from the perspective of the cyber criminal and discuss what the community of software developers and users alike can do to increase their trust in both open source software and closed source software

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