Towards Supporting Agile Practice Within The Libre Software Paradigm

TitleTowards Supporting Agile Practice Within The Libre Software Paradigm
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAdams, P, Boldyreff, C
Secondary TitleOSS2005: Open Source Systems
Keywordsagile methods, agile practice, extreme programming, libre software, open source, XP

Individual agile methods have never been practiced as defined, in the same way that Royce's waterfall [1] model never reflected actual practice. Instead, practitioners adapted the core principles of these processes in order to suit their needs. Understanding this is key to appreciating the agile mindset. What does exist is a set of principles1 which, when followed loosely, form the agile practices. It is an important part of the agile mentality that the individuals within a project are more important that the process they follow. However, the individual methods do have their own identifying features that make them unique; for example testing must be performed before coding within eXtreme Programming (XP) [2]. However, if practitioners were to apply XP, exactly as Beck describes it, then they are probably not “doing agile” as they may not be following the process that suits their needs best. One of the interesting features of the XP method is its requirement of a collocated team. Th...

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