Tool Assisted Analysis of Open Source Projects

TitleTool Assisted Analysis of Open Source Projects
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSyeed, MMM, Aaltonen, T, Hammouda, I, Systä, T
Secondary TitleInternational Journal of Open Source Software and Processes
Pagination43 - 78
ISSN Number1942-3934
Keywordsartifacts, tools

Open Source Software (OSS) is currently a widely adopted approach to developing and distributing software. OSS code adoption requires an understanding of the structure of the code base. For a deeper understanding of the maintenance, bug fixing and development activities, the structure of the developer community also needs to be understood, especially the relations between the code and community structures. This, in turn, is essential for the development and maintenance of software containing OSS code. This paper proposes a method and support tool for exploring the relations of the code base and community structures of OSS projects. The method and proposed tool, Binoculars, rely on generic and reusable query operations, formal definitions of which are given in the paper. The authors demonstrate the applicability of Binoculars with two examples. The authors analyze a well-known and active open source project, FFMpeg, and the open source version of the IaaS cloud computing project Eucalyptus.

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