Teaching Software Engineering with Free/Libre Open Source Projects

TitleTeaching Software Engineering with Free/Libre Open Source Projects
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStamelos, I
Secondary TitleInternational Journal of Open Source Software and Processes
Pagination72 - 90
Date Published31/2009
ISSN Number1942-3934
Keywordscurriculum, education, teaching, undergraduate

One of the major problems in software engineering education is the involvement of students in real world software projects. Industry projects are a solution, but in many cases they are hard to find and student participation can be problematic due to cultural, familiarization and other practical reasons. The abundance of Free / Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects is a neat solution, offering multi-lingual, multicultural environments in virtually every application domain, at different levels of project size, maturity, organization etc. The paper analyzes how acquisition of practical experience on several basic and advanced software engineering topics can be achieved by working in a FLOSS project. The kind of skills that can be acquired are those requested by the Overview Report for Computing Curricula by ACM and topics examined are those of the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, by IEEE. Also software engineering areas that require special care or that may not prove suitable for such treatment are identified. Various isolated teaching cases pertaining to this approach are presented and discussed.

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