Studying the impact of social interactions on software quality

TitleStudying the impact of social interactions on software quality
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBettenburg, N, Hassan, AE
Secondary TitleEmpirical Software Engineering
ISSN Number1573-7616
Keywordsbug tracker, eclipse, Firefox, Human Factors, measurement, metrics, software evolution, Software quality assurance

Correcting software defects accounts for a significant amount of resources in a software project. To make best use of testing efforts, researchers have studied statistical models to predict in which parts of a software system future defects are likely to occur. By studying the mathematical relations between predictor variables used in these models, researchers can form an increased understanding of the important connections between development activities and software quality. Predictor variables used in past top-performing models are largely based on source code-oriented metrics, such as lines of code or number of changes. However, source code is the end product of numerous interlaced and collaborative activities carried out by developers. Traces of such activities can be found in the various repositories used to manage development efforts. In this paper, we develop statistical models to study the impact of social interactions in a software project on software quality. These models use predictor variables based on social information mined from the issue tracking and version control repositories of two large open-source software projects. The results of our case studies demonstrate the impact of metrics from four different dimensions of social interaction on post-release defects. Our findings show that statistical models based on social information have a similar degree of explanatory power as traditional models. Furthermore, our results demonstrate that social information does not substitute, but rather augments traditional source code-based metrics used in defect prediction models.


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Short TitleEmpir Software Eng
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