SQO-OSS is a consortium of leading European Open Source projects, consultants and research institutions from Greece, the UK, Germany and Sweden that is developing a comprehensive suite of software quality assessment tools. These tools will enable the objective analysis and benchmarking of Open Source software.

Project Goals
SQO-OSS aims to assist European software developers in improving the quality of their code, and to remove one of the key barriers to entry for Open Source software by providing scientific proof of its quality.

Open Source is already leading to a revival in the European SME software development sector, and advanced tools for quality assessment will underpin further enterprise adoption and assist European SMEs and projects in competing with large global corporations.

Project Deliverables
The project will break new ground in introducing a range of innovative software quality metrics and combining these metrics through the use of data mining and AI to provide clear quality evaluations for both software users and developers.

The project will:

* Deliver a plug-in based quality assessment platform, featuring a web and IDE frontend
* Develop a set of software metrics that will take into account quality indicators present in Open Source project repositories
* Publish a league table of Open Source software applications, categorised by their quality
* Release software under a BSD license to allow for further development by the open source community and industry