Research friendly software repositories

TitleResearch friendly software repositories
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHerraiz, I, Robles, G, Gonzalez-Barahona, JM
Secondary TitleProceedings of the joint international and annual ERCIM workshops on Principles of software evolution (IWPSE) and software evolution (Evol) workshops
Keywordsflossmetrics, flossmole cited

What is the future of software evolution? In 1974, Meir M. Lehman had a vision of software evolution being driven by empirical studies of software repositories, and of a theory based on those empirical results. However, that scenario is yet to come. Software evolution studies are often based on a few cases, because the needed information is scarce, dispersed and incomplete. Their conclusions are not generalizable, slowing down the progress of this research discipline. Libre (free / open source) software supposes an opportunity to alleviate this situation. In this paper we describe the existing approaches to provide research datasets that are mining libre software repositories, and propose an agenda based on the concept of research friendly software repositories, which provides finer granularity and integrated data.


"In spite of these rich availability of software repositories,
the heterogeneity of the data makes it difficult to apply studies
at a large scale, although some research projects, like
FLOSSMole [10] or FLOSSMetrics [8] are addressing these
issues and aim to provide datasets about thousands of libre
software projects for research purposes."


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