reflecting on conversations

Of course the sessions are very interesting when people present such a diversity of topics but also talking to people during the breaks and dinner is very informative and a lot of fun. So as an extension of the DC, talking more about my research and hearing about others' work and how it may connect to mine is really fun. Because the context is the same, it is fairly easy to find some cross-over. I don't experience this with the HCI and CSCW research communities.

On another note, my talk went well and the session papers were so cohesive that our work validated one another because we found similar concepts and challenges in our work. It was really great to see. At this conference, I have found people who do work closest to mine.



...isn't it? That's one of the things I definitely appreciate about the OSS community; it's much easier to find people with whom to have really productive discussions about research than pretty much any other venue I've come across.