Open-Source Technologies Realizing Social Networks: A Multiple Descriptive Case-Study

TitleOpen-Source Technologies Realizing Social Networks: A Multiple Descriptive Case-Study
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTeixeira, J
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Secondary TitleIFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 378 (OSS 2012)
Date Published09/2012
PublisherIFIP AICT, Springer
Keywordsentrepreneurship, facebook, netlog, social networks, spotify

This article aims at describing the role of the open-source software phenomenon within high-tech corporations providing social networks and applications. By taking a multiple case study approach, We address what are the open-source software technological components embedded by leading social networking players, and a rich description on how those players collaborate with the open-source community. Our findings, based on a population of three commercial providers of social networks a suggest that open-source plays an important role on the technological development of their social networking platforms. An open-source technological stack for realizing social networks is proposed and several managerial issues dealing with collaboration with open-source communities are explored.

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