Open Source Software and Product Lines 2007

TitleOpen Source Software and Product Lines 2007
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
Authorsvan der Linden, F, Lundell, B
Secondary TitleOSS2007: Open Source Development, Adoption and Innovation (IFIP 2.13)
Pagination375 - 376
Date Published2007///
ISSN Number978-0-387-72485-0

Embedded industries have invested a lot in the introduction of software product lines in their software development. In addition, using open source software appears to be a profitable way to obtain good software. This is also applicable for organizations doing product line engineering. On the other hand, because of the diverse use of open source software, product line development is an attractive way of working in open source communities. In fact, the configuration mechanisms used in open source communities may be applicable within software product lines as well. In addition, product line organisations are usually involved in distributed development, which works very efficiently within open source communities. However, at present, there is limited interaction between the open source and product line development communities. The aim for the workshop is to explore what the two communities can learn from each other and to develop a better understanding of how the two communities can benefit from each other. The workshop deals with the following issues:

–Community: Ownership, control and management of product line assets in an open source community
–Visibility of the code: when it is valuable to share proprietary code and how to take the right decision.
–Architecture Views: Creation of different levels of architecture visibility: proprietary, among closed consortium, public.
–Is this possible?
–Product line requirements roadmaps and planning in open source development
–Variability management: Using the open source community to evolve components and being explicit about variability
–Variability representation: in an open source community
–Deployment: Open source for the platform and in applications
–Heterogeneous processes: Cohabitation of product line management and agile processes
–Tools: Open source asset management tools in product line development
–Domain and application engineering and their meaning in an open source context
–Recovery and recognition of a product line in an open source asset base
–Legal: Aspects dealing with evolutionary, variability or distribution of development relating to legal risks involving: liability, warranties, patent infringements etc.

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