Learning and the imperative of production in Free/Open Source development

TitleLearning and the imperative of production in Free/Open Source development
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBerdou, E
Secondary TitleOSS2007: Open Source Development, Adoption and Innovation (IFIP 2.13)
Pagination235 - 240
Date Published2007///
ISSN Number978-0-387-72485-0

This paper examines the role of learning in structuring access and participation in F/OS communities. In particular it highlights the challenges and barriers to access faced by new developers and the expectations of senior developers regarding the mindsets and capabilities of new contributors. It is argued that learning in F/OS is inextricably connected with the demand for continuous production. The evidence presented is drawn from interviews conducted with inexperienced and experienced contributors from the GNOME and KDE projects. The author challenges the view of learning as an enculturation process and the paper contributes to the understanding of power relations among established and peripheral members in communities of practice.

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