Integrating FLOSS repositories on the Web

TitleIntegrating FLOSS repositories on the Web
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsIqbal, A, Cyganiak, R, Hausenblas, M
Refereed DesignationNon-Refereed
Secondary TitleDERI Technical Report 2012-12-10
Date Published2012
Keywordsflossmole, google code, sourceforge

This paper provides a novel approach to the problem of integrating data from multiple code forges of FLOSS. We review the current problems in integrating the data from multiple forges and argue that Semantic Web technologies are suitable for representing knowledge contained in code forges. Further, we show the advantage of linking the metadata of projects to other data sources on the Web which will enable querying extra information from the Web. The paper briefly describes how the modeling is achieved and what benefits can be obtained by enabling linking to other relevant data sources already available on the Web.


"To provide the researchers easy access to the project’s data, two research projects were initiated (with slightly different objective)
by the FLOSS research community which are FLOSSmole and FLOSSMetrics , also known as “repository of repositories (RoR)”. These RoRs were created to consolidate metadata and analysis of projects from a variety of code forges into a centralized place for use by the researchers in academia and industry.

"In this paper, we take into consideration only project’s metadata from the code forges which are
made available to download by the FLOSSmole community. Further, we only study Googlecode
and Sourceforge data for this paper, although our methods extend to other code forges as well.

Names are not available for the developers in the database dump of
Googlecode provided by FLOSSmole, so we consider matching only developer ID(s) in the case of

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