IFIP WG 2.13 Business Meeting @ OSS2009

IFIP 2.13 business meeting (35 people, 4 women)

Giancarlo Succi - Have to finalize organizational documents in the near future. Investigating higher level of PhD student involvement in the WG 2.13 - thinking about a dissertation award for next year's PhD Consortium.

Greg Madey - OSS 2010 update - event will be 30 May - 2 June, 2010 in South Bend, IN. Have on-campus conference center with nearby housing. Capacity of 350, with multiple meeting rooms. Quite a range of arrangements for hotels. Requesting help: submissions, reviewing, publicity. May consider a long paper/short paper format to allow more people to justify travel. Special events: workshops, tutorials, doctoral consortium, special focus breakfasts, posters, notable keynote speakers.
Potential to set up videoconference sessions.

OSS 2010 Deadlines:
Full papers - 15 November, 2009
Workshop/panel - 15 December, 2009
Notification - 15 January, 2010
Camera-ready - 15 February, 2010
Early registration - 12 March, 2010

Scott Hissam - OSS 2011 proposal - asks about a logo. Acrobat FAIL, open source PDF viewer to the rescue! Proposing Salvador, Brazil, potentially in September 2011 with Universidade de Sao Paulo - local arrangements via universities. Several conventions centers, lots and lots of accommodations (most of which are near beaches), fine weather, etc.

Walt Scacchi - CCC workshop on Future of FOSS Research - CRA has NSF $ for new research programs and initiatives in CS for things like research infrastructure that really are about supporting community of researchers rather than individuals. CRA has a program to support proposals for new NSF grant programs. The upcoming workshop is different from the ones at the conference. The one discussed here is about what we need to support the research community. Proposed a more international conference, got support, purpose is to create vision - not solutions to new problems or studies, but what are the problems that will take 5 - 10 years of study to get to? One example, what happens when a project ages to 30 years old? How does software evolve? Things we can't complete in a single study, will take multiple studies to complete. What is an open source ecosystem and how do we study it? The FLOSS 2020 report, not focused on research, but rather policy. Any questions?

John Noll - what's your interest, and why would people outside of the US come?

Walt Scacchi - It's pretty clear that the US is not a leader in FLOSS; we don't want to be blinded by being nationalistic when we think about moving forward with this area of research. We think other areas will benefit as a result as well.

Timing? Winter 2010. This is the first audience outside of the organizing committee to hear of it.

Giancarlo Succi - Official WG 2.13 publication - should we organize our own journal? Join an existing effort? Current thinking is that joining an existing journal would be best; found there is one already. Clearly there is concern about the publisher, etc. Bloomsberry Academic would do dual publication with CC licensing in electronic version, as well as a printed version that they can sell to libraries. Lots of people interested in OA, though there are certainly challenges... JAIS is willing to do a best papers publication from the conference as OA. Tony will look into the Bloomsberry option.