A Framework for Teaching Software Testing using F/OSS Methodology

TitleA Framework for Teaching Software Testing using F/OSS Methodology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSowe, S, Stamelos, I, Deligiannis, I
Secondary TitleOSS2006: Open Source Systems (IFIP 2.13)
Pagination261 - 266

In this paper we discuss a framework for teaching software testing to undergraduate students’ volunteers. The framework uses open source software development methodology and was implemented in the “Introduction to Software Engineering” course at the department of Informatics, Aristotle University, Greece. The framework is in three phases, each describing a teaching and learning context in which students get involved in real software projects activities. We report on our teaching experiences, lessons learned and some practical problems we encountered. Results from preliminary evaluation shows that students did well as bug hunters in the bazaar and are willing to participate in their projects long after graduation.

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