The FLOSSWALD information system on free and open source software

TitleThe FLOSSWALD information system on free and open source software
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsReichle, M, Hanft, A
Secondary Title9th International Workshop on Learning Software Organizations
Date Published10/2006
Keywordsdebian, flossmole

We propose the implementation of an intelligent information system on free and open source software. This system will consist of a case-based reasoning (CBR) system and several machine learning modules to maintain the knowledge base and train the CBR system thus enhancing its performance. Our knowledge base will include data on free and open source software provided by the Debian project, the FLOSSmole project, and other public free and open source software directories. We plan to enrich these data by learning additional information such as concepts and different similarities. With this knowledge base, we hope to be able to create an information system that will be capable of answering queries based on precise as well as vague criteria and give intelligent recommendations on software based on the preferences of the user.


"Using these [FLOSSmole] data we intend to map the respective projects
to their developed software and thus extend the already
existing cases with new attributes or create new we cases
where necessary."

"Our first step
will be to evaluate the data provided by the Debian project
and the FLOSSmole project and design a knowledge base
and case structure to flexibly work with them."

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