An Exploratory Study on the Two New Trends in Open Source Software: End-Users and Service

TitleAn Exploratory Study on the Two New Trends in Open Source Software: End-Users and Service
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsChoi, N, Chengular-Smith, I
Secondary Title2009 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2009)
Pagination1 - 10
Place PublishedWaikoloa, Hawaii, USA
ISBN Number978-0-7695-3450-3
Keywordsdevelopers, intended audiences, sourceforge

Many have been envisaging the emergence of Open Source Software (OSS) for general end-users and the enhancements in providing services and support, as the most critical factors for OSS success, and at the same time, the most critical issues which are holding back the OSS movement. While these two distinct waves in OSS evolution have become more observable, researchers have not yet explored the characteristics of these two distinct new waves. The current study found evidence for these two waves and further explored the two waves by empirically examining two hundred projects hosted in We compared the characteristics of OSS projects that are intended for two disparate audiences: developers and end-users and found that projects for end-users supported more languages but also had more restrictive licenses as compared to projects for developers.


used sourceforge data
"We created our dataset by restricting our attention to projects that have production/stable and mature development status"
"we limited our sample to two categories: developers and end-users/desktop"
"We manually compiled a total of 200 projects, 100 each of the most downloaded projects from developers and end-users/desktop categories during the period of March 4 to March 23, 2008. "

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