EDOS: Environment for the Development and Distribution of Open Source Software

TitleEDOS: Environment for the Development and Distribution of Open Source Software
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAbiteboul, S, Leroy, X, Vrdoljak, B, Di Cosmo, R, Fermigier, S, Laurière, S, Lepied, F, Pop, R, Villard, F, Smets, J-P, Bryce, C, Dittrich, KR, Milo, T, Sagi, A, Shtossel, Y, Panto, E
Secondary TitleOSS2005: Open Source Systems

The open-source software community is now comprised of a very large and growing number of contributors and users. The GNU/Linux operating system for instance has an estimated 18 million users worldwide and its contributing developers can be counted by thousands. The critical mass of contributors taking part in various opensource projects has helped to ensure high quality for open source software. However, despite the achievements of the open-source software industry, there are issues in the production of large scale open-source software (OSS) such as the GNU/Linux operating system that have to be addressed as the numbers of users, of contributors, and of available applications grow. EDOS is a European project supported by IST started October 2004 and ending in 2007, whose objective is to provide a new generation of methodologies, theoretical models, technical tools and quality models specifically tailored to OSS engineering and to software distribution over the Interne...

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