Do Software Categories Impact Coupling Metrics?

TitleDo Software Categories Impact Coupling Metrics?
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2013
Authorsde Souza, LBL, de Maia, MA
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Secondary Title10th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories
Date Published05/2013

Software metrics is a valuable mechanism to assess
the quality of software systems. Metrics can help the automated
analysis of the growing data available in software repositories.
Coupling metrics is a kind of software metrics that have been
extensively used since the seventies to evaluate several software
properties related to maintenance, evolution and reuse tasks. For
example, several works have shown that we can use coupling
metrics to assess the reusability of software artifacts available in
repositories. However, thresholds for software metrics to indicate
adequate coupling levels are still a matter of discussion. In this
paper, we investigate the impact of software categories on the
coupling level of software systems. We have found that different
categories may have different levels of coupling, suggesting that
we need special attention when comparing software systems in
different categories and when using predefined thresholds
already available in the literature.

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