Criteria for the non invasive transition to OpenOffice

TitleCriteria for the non invasive transition to OpenOffice
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsRossi, B, Scotto, M, Sillitti, A, Succi, G
Secondary TitleOSS2005: Open Source Systems

Open Source Software (OSS) is receiving an increasing attention as a possible alternative to proprietary solutions. There are supporters of both the alternatives that stress advantages and disadvantages, but what is missing is an empirical view of a transition with the aid of case studies and controlled experiments. The aim of the paper is to report the results of an empirical investigation in the field of office automation in the Public Administration (PA). The available OSS in the field is introduced in the existing environment while preserving the proprietary solution. The analysis is supported by both qualitative and quantitative data. The effects on productivity and on users' attitude towards OSS and the emerging criteria for a possible transition are exposed.

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