Configuration Management for Open Source Software

TitleConfiguration Management for Open Source Software
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAsklund, U, Bendix, L
Secondary Title1st Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering at ICSE 2001
Date Published05/2001
Keywordsconfiguration management, interviews, project success

Open Source Software (OSS) projects have a seemingly anarchistic way of organising projects and a set-up (many, distributed developers) that is usually considered difficult to handle within the field of configuration management. Still they manage to produce software that is of at least as high a quality as that produced by Conventional Software Development (CSD) projects.
We have investigated more closely what they actually do, and why they are so successful. The goal of the study was to describe their underlying configuration management process, thereby making it explicit, so it can be followed in case others (like commercial companies) want to start an OSS project or a project having similar characteristics. We also analysed to what extent their success is due to a good process, good tools or simply to outstanding people participating in OSS projects. Based on this, lessons could be learned from OSS and possible transferred to conventional ways of developing software. We interviewed key people from three OSS projects (KDE, Mozilla and Linux) to obtain data for our study.

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