Analysis of Coordination Between Developers and Users in the Apache Community

TitleAnalysis of Coordination Between Developers and Users in the Apache Community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKamei, Y, Matsumoto, S, Maeshima, H, Onishi, Y, Ohira, M, Matsumoto, K-ichi
Secondary TitleOSS2008: Open Source Development, Communities and Quality (IFIP 2.13)
Pagination81 - 92
Date Published2008///
ISSN Number978-0-387-09683-4
Keywordsapache, email, mailing list

Coordination is one of the keys for the success of open source software (OSS) communities because geographically distributed members need to collaborate on their work using communication tools (e.g., mailing lists, bulletin board systems, bug tracking systems, and so on). In this paper, we investigated the informal social structure among developers and users by analyzing two mailing lists of developers and users in the Apache community based on betweenness centrality, one centrality measure proposed by Freeman. From the analysis results, we found that (1) participants with high betweenness coordinated activities between developers and users and (2) some participants have been functioning as coordinators in the community for a long time.

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