Code, Coding and Coded Perspectives

TitleCode, Coding and Coded Perspectives
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsCamp, LJ
Date PublishedJanuary

Building on computer science I consider code (as opposed to the Web, an instantiation of code) as a new technology of communication. Using the historical and sociological analyses of others, which have examined the results of print on perspectives and society, I offer four scenarios for the results of code. The four scenarios focus on the results of code on quantitative thought: the divergence of scientific perspective with popular reasoning resulting in reduced innovation; a broad-based popular explosion in innovation expanding the basis of reasoning; cypto-anarchy with those empowered by science corrupted with the power; and a loss of certainty of information with a return to tribalism. The last suggests a new era of ignorance, a moment in modern Dark Ages – in that an excess of the light of information causes blindness as effectively as its absence. The openness of code is a determinant in the resulting social structure.

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