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guile-sdl @ Savannah: GNU Guile-SDL 0.5.2 available

GNU Planet! - Mon, 2015-03-09 05:55

GNU Guile-SDL is Guile plus SDL. Simple, no?

The full announcement was posted to the info-gnu mailing list:

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GNU Remotecontrol: Newsletter – March 2015

GNU Planet! - Sun, 2015-03-08 13:38


 TRENDS … The stuff going on in the big picture now

United States Electricity Price per KWH

Current and Past


December January Trend % Change $0.135 $0.138 Increase 2.22%


Year January Trend % Change % Since Difference 2005 $0.094 Same 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 2006 $0.108 Increase 14.89% 14.89% 14.89% 2007 $0.113 Increase 4.63% 20.21% 5.32% 2008 $0.116 Increase 2.65% 23.40% 3.19% 2009 $0.126 Increase 8.62% 34.04% 10.64% 2010 $0.124 Decrease -1.59% 31.91% -2.13% 2011 $0.125 Increase 0.81% 32.98% 1.06% 2012 $0.128 Increase 2.40% 36.17% 3.19% 2013 $0.129 Increase 0.78% 37.23% 1.06% 2014 $0.134 Increase 3.88% 42.55% 5.32% 2015 $0.138 Increase 2.99% 46.81% 4.26%

United Kingdom Utility Prices

Current and Past

London by night, seen from the International Space Station

EYE CATCHING … The stuff that has caught our eye

Demand Response

A recent article, with the assertion of saving billions of dollars, explaining how to arrive at this conclusion. Demand Response can or cannot include battery systems, based upon the design of the response. It is important to note batteries will never meet supply needs. Batteries are intended for storing excess energy generation or bridging the gap between a service outage and service restoration. The article is well-written and helps to understand how Demand Response will most likely play into the electrical grid of the not too distant future.

A recent article, discussing the future of Opower. Their growth has stalled and brought into question the viability of their offering. The concern centers around the readiness, and subsequent willingness, of the market to use Demand Response calculation services, or the common concerns of leadership capabilities, leadership strategy, cash flow, and the various components of running any for-profit venture.

Smart Grid – Consumer

2015 is being characterized as the year home automation becomes mainstream. A recent venture called Simple Energy provides cost comparisons for planning energy efficiency implementations. The timing of the offering is excellent, as TVA desires to implement additional charges for when electricity is consumed. These charges will go to the energy distributor, the local electric utility, but will no doubt be passed on in final customer billing. The thrust of the energy efficiency debate is about to switch from market driven to regulator driven, as the cost of energy is about to irrevocably change if time-of-use rates are implemented at the residential consumption level.

Smart Grid – Producer

A compelling report regarding the perceived and tangible costs of reliable electric service. It is important to note the comparison of who receives both the costs and the benefits of reliable electric service. There is little doubt electricity is considered a constant in many cultures. A study years ago found the second leading reason for a successful business in Kenya is energy consistency, as electric service is unstable in this region. This condition is unimaginable in most countries.


Status of our 2015 Plan


  • We are in development stage.
  • We are approximately 80% finished with development.
  • We are prepared to immediately enter structured system testing, upon completion of development.
  • We have decided to release a subsequent version, 2.1, within six months of releasing v2.0, as we do not want to delay MVC from being available to the general public.

Translation Subsystem

  • We are complete with the development stage.
  • The system testing of this effort will occur during system testing of v2.0.


  • Further discussions with the members of the electronics industry.
  • Further work on the use-case for our firmware effort.

Talk to us with your comments and suggestions on our plan for the next year.



Our journey to design and build firmware for an internationally accepted residential network connected HVAC thermostat is moving much faster than we anticipated. We are receiving considerable interest from members of the electronics community and new developers are joining the GNU remotecontrol software project. The completion of the final specification for the firmware project will reveal to us how we need to further grow GNU remotecontrol to support the firmware. This is an exciting time for GNU remotecontrol.


Many people have asked us about adding other types of thermostats to GNU remotecontrol. There are three questions that need to be answered before we can offer GNU remotecontrol support for any IP thermostat. These questions are:

  • How to CONNECT to it (NETWORK).
  • How to READ from it (CODE).
  • How to WRITE to it (CODE).

It is our hope to have dozens and dozens of thermostat types that work with GNU remotecontrol. Let us know if you designed or manufactured a device and you would like to test it with GNU remotecontrol.

EXISTING CODE … The stuff you may want to consider


We have 0 new bugs and 0 fixed bugs since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.


We have 0 new tasks and 0 completed tasks since our last Blog posting. Please review these changes and apply to your GNU remotecontrol installation, as appropriate.

SECURITY … The stuff you REALLY want to consider


Since 2015 is being characterized as the year home automation becomes mainstream, curiosity about security comes along to see how much of an impaction this home automation desire will change the world. DARPA is of the position no one is safe when using the Internet. A recent article reports the edges of most electrical grids are changing, further enabling the ability to interface with external electrical grids. This interface invariability involves further usage of information technology, to facilitate the communication efforts. Usage of an untrusted network, such as the Internet, with an organization having insufficient security measures, such as an electrical utility interfacing with a lesser secure electrical utility, will most likely not bring good results. The bigness of the Internet, combining with the bigness of an electricity distributer, means we as a world are entering a time of bigger than anything big has ever defined, in terms of cultural impact. The usage of information technology by electrical utilities will undoubtedly grow, before ever realizing an effective, substantial, and sustainable Smart Grid.


GNU remotecontrol relies on OS file access restrictions, Apache authentication, MySQL authentication, and SSL encryption to secure your data. Talk to us you want to find out how you can further strengthen the security of your system, or you have suggestions for improving the security of our current system architecture.


Whatever you do…..don’t get beat up over your Energy Management strategy. GNU remotecontrol is here to help simplify your life, not make it more complicated. Talk to us if you are stuck or cannot figure out the best option for your GNU remotecontrol framework. The chances are the answer you need is something we have already worked through. We would be happy to help you by discussing your situation with you.


Why the Affero GPL?

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parallel @ Savannah: GNU Parallel encourages Hellwig's lawsuit against VMware

GNU Planet! - Sat, 2015-03-07 19:03

If you are distributing GPL'ed software you agree to abide by the GPL. VMware violates this by not distributing the source code for their changes. VMware is not forced to use GPL'ed software, they have chosen to do so by their own free will. They could have built their own software instead - which would most likely have been so expensive that the company would not exist. The honorably thing would be to distribute their changes thereby giving back to the ecosystem that has helped the company; GPL simply makes it a requirement to do so to their customers.

If you want the free software ecosystem to flourish please support Hellwig's case:

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FSF Events: Richard Stallman - "Free Software, Free Hardware, and Other Things" (Cambridge, MA)

GNU Planet! - Fri, 2015-03-06 09:50

Richard Stallman will be giving the opening plenary speech at LibrePlanet 2015 (2015-03-21--22).

Please fill out our contact form, so that we can contact you about future events in and around the Boston area.

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ccd2cue @ Savannah: GNU ccd2cue 0.4 released

GNU Planet! - Fri, 2015-03-06 02:08

Announcement: GNU ccd2cue 0.4

I’m pleased to announce GNU ccd2cue 0.4, released in March 6, 2015.


• The code repository moved from CVS to Git.
• Mailing lists were re-purposed. Now <bug-ccd2cue@gnu.org> is
exclusively used for bug reporting and <ccd2cue@gnu.org> for user
• Fixed bad wording in ‘--help’ text. Bug reported by Benno
Schulenberg of the Translation Project.
• Fixed potential crash caused by calling ‘error’ function with wrong
arguments inside error handling routines. Bug first noticed by
Rosa (GNU/)Linux maintainers.
• Fixed documentation distribution bug in which the ‘INSTALL’ file
didn’t get redistributed. Bug reported by Darren S..
• Added ‘distgnu’ Make target which aids the maintainer in uploading
release tarballs to the GNU ftp site. It only can be made from VCS
• Likewise, the ‘homepage’ Make target now can only be made from VCS
checkouts. Therefore the exclusive infrastructure for building the
package’s homepage doesn’t get distributed.
• Fixed build system bug in which ‘configure’ didn’t detect the
absence of ‘help2man’ for maintainer builds.
• Improved ‘maintainer-clean’ Make target effectiveness.

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FSF News: Statement in support of Software Freedom Conservancy and Christoph Hellwig, GPL enforcement lawsuit

GNU Planet! - Thu, 2015-03-05 13:55

On Thursday, March 5, 2015, Christoph Hellwig, with support from the Software Freedom Conservancy, filed suit in Hamburg, Germany against VMware Global, Inc. Hellwig is a prominent contributor to the kernel Linux, releasing his contributions under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. VMware, like everyone, is free to use, modify, and distribute such software under the GPL, so long as they make available the human-readable source code corresponding to their version of the software when they distribute it.

This simple and fair obligation is the cornerstone of the successful cooperation we've seen for decades between organizations both for-profit and non-profit, users, and developers—the same cooperation which has given us the GNU/Linux operating system and inspired a wealth of free software programs for nearly every imaginable use.

Unfortunately, VMware has broken this promise by not releasing the source code for the version of the operating system kernel they distribute with their ESXi software. Now, after many years of trying to work with VMware amicably, the Software Freedom Conservancy and Hellwig have sought the help of German courts to resolve the matter. While the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is not directly involved in the suit, we support the effort.

"From our conversations with the Software Freedom Conservancy, I know that they have been completely reasonable in their expectations with VMware and have taken all appropriate steps to address this failure before resorting to the courts. Their motivation is to stand up for the rights of computer users and developers worldwide, the very same rights VMware has enjoyed as a distributor of GPL-covered software. The point of the GPL is that nobody can claim those rights and then kick away the ladder to prevent others from also receiving them. We hope VMware will step up and do the right thing," said John Sullivan, FSF's executive director.

The suit and preceding GPL compliance process undertaken by Conservancy mirror the work that the FSF does in its own Licensing and Compliance Lab. Both the FSF and Conservancy take a fair, non-profit approach to GPL enforcement, favoring education and collaboration as a means of helping others properly distribute free software. Lawsuits are always a last resort.

You can support Conservancy's work on this case by making a donation.

Media Contact

John Sullivan
Executive Director
Free Software Foundation
+1 (617) 542 5942

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Riccardo Mottola: FTP 0.5 for GNUstep and Mac

GNU Planet! - Wed, 2015-03-04 05:22
I'm happy to announce a new release of FTP, the file transfer application of the GNUstep Application Project.

It is designed for GNUstep and completely native on the Mac too, with version 0.5 being available as a binary for both for PPC and Intel, as well, of course, as the usual source tarball for Unix.
(Please wait for the GNU.org mirrors to propagate the files or grab the sources from SVN)

There are some new features as well as bug fixes:
  • Creation of local and remote directories
  • Command to refresh the current directory listing, local and remote
  • File renaming, local and remote
  • Drag&Drop for uploading a file from GWorkspace/Finder to remote file panel
  • better handling of local and remote write errors
  • better parsing of File Sizes returned by FTP servers
  • better handling of file adding to the views, so that less "refresh" is needed
  • Bug fixes with multiple selection uploads
  • Code cleanup for better portability (gcc/clang, old and new runtime, Cocoa)

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GNUtls: GnuTLS goes to gitlab

GNU Planet! - Tue, 2015-03-03 20:00

The source code has been moved to gitlab.

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administration @ Savannah: Savannah https SSL certificates updated

GNU Planet! - Mon, 2015-03-02 18:15

The https SSL certificates for the Savannah web site have been updated.

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artanis @ Savannah: [ANN] GNU Artanis-0.0.3 released [alpha]

GNU Planet! - Mon, 2015-03-02 10:57

I'm pleased to announce artanis-0.0.3 here.

GNU Artanis is a web application framework(WAF) written in Guile Scheme.

It is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web
applications, web services and web resources. Artanis provides several
tools for web development: database access, templating frameworks,
session management, URL-remapping for RESTful, page caching, and so on.

GNU Artanis is under GPLv3+ & LGPLv3+ (dual licenses).

GNU Artanis is also the official project of SZDIY community. It's used
to build server side of SZDIY common service. It is offered to GNU
project to make free software better.

Here are the compressed sources:
http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/artanis//artanis-0.0.3.tar.gz (432KB)
http://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/artanis//artanis-0.0.3.tar.bz2 (352KB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures[*]:

Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

751adf2bee25fd780041142ee4f714f6 artanis-0.0.3.tar.gz
d4aa8076c5af142785037546a378cc61 artanis-0.0.3.tar.bz2
b33cd373f6d969db7e25ce38b4567ea6fb85adc6 artanis-0.0.3.tar.gz
acc5d2fa70f620639aeae9b965cc167562601c3a artanis-0.0.3.tar.bz2

[*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
.sig suffix) is intact. First, be sure to download both the .sig file
and the corresponding tarball. Then, run a command like this:

gpg --verify artanis-0.0.3.tar.gz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
then run this command to import it:

gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys EE78E925

and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.

This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
Autoconf 2.69.120-5dcda-dirty


Changes in 0.0.3

  • Notable changes

Fixed several bugs.
Support JSONP.

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FSF Events: Richard Stallman - "Computing, Freedom and Privacy: A Free Digital Society" (Iligan, Philippines)

GNU Planet! - Mon, 2015-03-02 08:55
The way digital technology is developing, it threatens our freedom, within our computers and in the internet. What are the threats? What must we change?

Richard Stallman's speech will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Registration, which can be done anonymously, while not required, is appreciated; it will help us ensure we can accommodate all the people who wish to attend.

Please fill out our contact form, so that we can contact you about future events in and around Iligan.

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GNUnet News: 4th Dev Mumble - March 6th, 8pm CET @ gnunet.org

GNU Planet! - Sun, 2015-03-01 19:17

Hi devs,

The 4th develper Mumble will be on Friday, March 6th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on gnunet.org. Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • Taler update
  • GSoC topic, mentor and student collection
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release planning with release-critical bug collection
  • Open Q&A
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gnats @ Savannah: GNU GNATS

GNU Planet! - Sat, 2015-02-28 15:01

After 10 years, GNU GNATS has finally released a new version 4.2.0, thanks in large part to the recent efforts of Alexandros Manoussakis at Juniper Networks. Among the improvements:

- GNU v3 license update
- Buid now uses automake, and code has been adjusted to compile
properly in various environments (tested with gcc 2.95, 3.4, 4.8,
4.9, clang 3.1, 3.4, and several different versions of Linux,
FreeBSD, Solaris, OS X)
- New --global-databases-file command-line option for gnatsd and other programs
- New host/port/user/passwd command-line options for send-pr
- Many bugfixes, including:
- FreeBSD-SA-05:20.cvsbug security advisory (affected send-pr)
- Fixed PR#484: "send-pr --request-id" sends just a template
- Fixed PR#501: Safer open/fopen for gen-index (no longer installing as suid)
- Fixed PR#504: gnatsd crashes when trying to lock a nonexistent PR
- Fixed PR#508: Emacs interface gnats-change-database fails when
gnats-port isn't set
- Fixed PR#691: Portability problem with sed and tr
- Fixed PR#746: install-sid is a bash script (and not /bin/sh)
- Fixed PR#767: edit-pr returns incorect exit status
- Fixed PR#768: make install DESTDIR=/anywhere fails
- Fixed PR#771: "EXPR" queries with spaces sometimes fail
- Fixed PR#773: using responsible alias as email address for edit-pr
- "invalid query format" bug for queries that included whitespace
- edit-pr will now correctly exit with an error if it cannot lock the PR
- edit-pr will now use the email alias in the responsibles field
- Solaris 7/8/10 compilation fixed

Contributors to the code changes since March 2005 include:

- Alexandros Manoussakis
- Chad Walstrom
- Jonathan Guthrie
- Karl Berry
- Malcolm Purvis
- Martin Tournoij
- Michael van Elst
- Stephane Chazelas

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work!


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wget @ Savannah: GNU wget 1.16.2 released

GNU Planet! - Sat, 2015-02-28 13:22
  • Noteworthy changes in Wget 1.16.2
    • Native uuid generation on Windows.
    • Fix build on Solaris.
    • Allow progress bar on stderr when -o is used.
    • Accept 5-digit port numbers in FTP EPSV responses.
    • Support older versions of flex.
    • Updated translations.
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Riccardo Mottola: Graphos bitmap image display

GNU Planet! - Sat, 2015-02-28 04:00
Graphos is the vector-drawing application for GNUstep (and MacOS) of the GNUstep Application Project.

While it is centered on drawing bezier paths and derived shapes, I added support for copy&pasting images. While these images cannot be saved (the format doesn't support it yet) they still can be useful: since they are layered as any other object (and transparency alpha channel is honoured too), one can do interesting things as in this example:

We paste in the original image for LaternaMagica's icon. We start tracing it with simple shapes, here shown in black.

One can easily fit curves over the image, essentially doing a hand-trace. Very important is the usage of cusps and symmetric handles in bezier-paths, which will be the new feature of the upcoming Graphos release.

After a quick work, this is the first rough result:

I still need to fix some details: the display at zoom rates different than 100% doesn't work correctly with images.
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FSF Blogs: Thank you, to reddit and the reddit community!

GNU Planet! - Fri, 2015-02-27 18:35

The FSF was selected as one of the 10! We were 8th on the list, just behind National Public Radio.

We received the news while I was meeting with our awesome technical team, hammering out our priorities for the next week and discussing the details of how we'll stream the upcoming LibrePlanet conference using exclusively free software. Our collective jaws dropped.

Thank you!

It is an honor to receive such a strong endorsement—and such trust—from the reddit community. It's also a responsibility, and we will use the money wisely.

As one of the smallest charities on the list, our staff of 13 works incredibly hard to win back your freedom as computer users; getting us closer to a world where all of what we need to do on all of our computers can be done, and done safely, using only free "as in freedom" software.

Since we are driven primarily by contributions from individuals (they were about 80% of the $1.02 million in support we received last fiscal year), this amount will make reddit one of our largest donors this year, right up there with TowardEX and the Markley Group, who generously donate just about all of our bandwidth and colocation space.

As this year is the FSF's 30th anniversary, we had set an ambitious goal of $525,000 for our winter fundraiser, which ended January 31st. We came up a bit shy then—but with this donation, we have actually exceeded that goal.

Thank you all for making this year extra-special for us! Now it's time to see how much more we can do for you.

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FSF Blogs: One month until LibrePlanet! Pre-order t-shirts through March 9th.

GNU Planet! - Fri, 2015-02-27 13:55

Register now to join the free software community at LibrePlanet 2015.

If you register by Monday, March 9th, you'll be able to pick up a spiffy LibrePlanet 2015 t-shirt. And don't forget that FSF members get gratis admission—and help support free software year-round!

Read on if you'd like more information about volunteering, child care reimbursements, the program, the LibrePlanet email discussion list, or participating remotely.

Volunteering (get gratis admission!)

Volunteers are crucial to LibrePlanet, and we need more to make this year awesome. Give two hours or more of your time and you'll get gratis admission, a LibrePlanet t-shirt, and lunch. You'll choose from a wide variety of tasks including A/V and livestreaming management, visitor services, and speaker support. Get started by telling us your skills and interests through the quick volunteer application.

Child care reimbursements

We're happy to offer childcare reimbursements, so that you can come to LibrePlanet even if you've got young hackers at home. To apply or find out more, contact campaigns@fsf.org no later than Friday, March 6th.


The program is up, so you can start thinking about which sessions you'd like to attend. This year's conference will be jam packed with great talks like "Fighting surveillance with a free, distributed, and federated net," "Style or substance? Free software is totally the 80's," and "Free software at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences." Make sure you check out the social events, including the Friday night 30th Anniversary Open House—check the website for more details.

LibrePlanet starts on the list

Looking to coordinate travel with other LibrePlanet attendees? Brainstorm ideas for lightning talks? Organize a get-together after the conference? Join the libreplanet-discuss email list to connect with other LibrePlanet attendees. The list is active year-round as part of the libreplanet.org community.

Participating remotely

Even if you can't make it to Cambridge, you can still participate in LibrePlanet! We'll be livestreaming the conference and hosting an online discussion in real time, then posting all the session recordings online after the conference. Bookmark the remote participation page now: libreplanet.org/2015/live.

That's all for now! Hope to see you at LibrePlanet.

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