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Oekonux Conference: Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production

Project Oekonux researches the economical, political and social forms of Free Software and similar forms of production we collectively call peer production. In Project Oekonux, different people with different reasons and different approaches get together to build something new. A lot of participants want to know, whether and if so, how, the peer production can serve as a basis for a new society.

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CFP: 1st International Workshop on D4PL at OSS 2009

1st International Workshop on "D4PL - Designing for participatory learning"
Building from open source success to develop free ways to share and learn

Co-located with OSS 2009, 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems
June 6, 2009, Skövde, Sweden


Intentions to submit should be sent until 15th of February 2009!

Emerging Trends in Free/Libre/Open Source Software Research and Development

The 2nd Emerging Trends in FLOSS Research and Development Workshop will have as an overarching theme "How to close the gap between Software Engineering and FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) Development", and will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss what knowledge software engineering experts can provide to the wider FLOSS communities.

Organizers: Andrea Capiluppi and Gregorio Robles
Deadline: January 26
Meeting Date: May 18, 2009

Workshop Theme



A Joint Workshop of:

QACOS: Quality and Architectural Concerns in Open Source Software
OSSPL: Open Source Software and Product Lines

Workshop website:

in conjunction with the International Conference on Open Source Systems 2009
Skövde, Sweden, 3-6 June, 2009
The workshop will be organised June 6, 2009.

Paper submission (deadline): 24 February 2009.



The First International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source
Communities (OSCOMM 2009 in conjunction
with OSS 2009
Skovde, Sweden, June 6, 2009

Intention to submit: February 15, 2009
Paper submission (deadline): February 22, 2009.

Open source software is gaining momentum in several forms. In addition to
the huge increase in the number of open source projects started and the
remarkable rise of FLOSS adoption by companies, new models of participation

CFP: 4th Annual WPoDaSD workshop at OSS 2009

WoPDaSD 2009: 4th Workshop on Public Data about Software Development

4th edition of the WoPDaSD, co-located with the OSS 2009 Conference
June 6th, 2009, Skövde, Sweden


CFP: IEEE DEST09 Open Source Digital Ecosystems

Call for Paper - Open Source Digital Ecosystems - IEEE DEST09

2009 IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and
Business Intelligence

Istanbul, Turkey, June 1-3, 2009
Full Research Paper Due: ** February 1 **, 2009

All papers accepted will be included in the Proceedings published by IEEE.

CFP: OSS 2009 Doctoral Consortium

OSS 2009 Doctoral Consortium
June 3, 2009, Skovde, Sweden

Co-located with OSS2009
The 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems
June 3-6, 2009, Skovde, Sweden

Co-located with the 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2009), a Doctoral Consortium will be organized on June 3, 2009.


Presentations on FLOSS

Presentation slides on FLOSS and related topics are available from SlideShare; discover what people are presenting about FLOSS, and share your own work as well. These presentations may provide useful educational materials and a snapshot of how people are presenting FLOSS in a variety of settings.

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