3rd FLOSS International Workshop on Free/Libre Open Source Software

3rd FLOSS International Workshop on Free/Libre Open Source Software
2-3 July 2009, Padua, Italy

Registration is now open at the official 3rd FLOSS website:

FLOSS embraces many dimensions and it is of interest of very different
disciplines; we welcome submissions from various fields: economics &
management, sociology, law, IT & computer science. Both empirical
(monographs and case studies, econometric or experimental methods) and
theoretical approaches are eligible for the Workshop. In what follows
we suggest a (non exhaustive) list of topics that are certainly of

- Licensing terms and IPR (incentives for innovators, license
proliferation and incompatibilities, the future of IPRs, etc.).

- Innovation models (FLOSS based innovation, open innovation, user
innovation, public domain innovation, standards and interoperability,
appropriability, sustainability and competitive advantage, etc.).

- FLOSS production and organization of FLOSS communities (social and
technical structures, coordination and division of labor, code
architectures, motivation, incentives, leadership and conflict
resolution, etc.).

- Hybridization (degree of openness, business models, licensing terms,
firms' participation in FLOSS projects, etc.)

- From software to other complex systems (FLOSS boundaries,
applications in other industries and in non-code based settings,

- Private and public adoption of FLOSS (FLOSS and the public
administration, welfare impact, role of public policies, etc.).

- Competition between FLOSS and commercial software.


- Jean-Michel DALLE - University Pierre-et-Marie-Curie

- Andrea BONACCORSI - Universita' di Pisa

Important Dates:

- March 31st 2009: Deadline for submission:

- April 20th 2009: Notification of participation decision:

- April 30th Deadline for payment of registration fees at reduced rate
(Normal rates: 130Euro (standard) and 80Euro (students))

- June 15th Delivery of final papers:

- July 2nd / 3rd: Workshop: (full days)