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Conference Paper
S. K. Sowe, Samoladas, I., Stamelos, I., and Angelis, L., Are FLOSS developers committing to CVS/SVN as much as they are talking in mailing lists? Challenges for Integrating data from Multiple Repositories, in 3rd Workshop on Public Data about Software Development (WoPDaSD 2008), 2008, pp. 49-54.PDF icon 49-542008.pdf (797.4 KB)
G. Conaldi and Tonellato, M., A Longitudinal Study on Collaboration Networks and Decision to Participate in a FLOSS Community, in 5th Workshop on Public Data about Software Development (WoPDaSD 2010), 2010.PDF icon wopdasd002.pdf (194.07 KB)
I. Herraiz, Robles, G., and Gonzalez-Barahona, J. M., Research friendly software repositories, in Proceedings of the joint international and annual ERCIM workshops on Principles of software evolution (IWPSE) and software evolution (Evol) workshops, 2009, pp. 19–24.PDF icon herraiz-Research-Friendly-sw-repos.pdf (344.96 KB)
Conference Proceedings
M. Goeminne, Claes, M., and Mens, T., A Historical Dataset for the Gnome Ecosystem, 10th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories. 2013.
Journal Article
I. Samoladas, Angelis, L., and Stamelos, I., Survival analysis on the duration of open source projects, Information and Software Technology, vol. 52, no. 9, pp. 902 - 922, 2010.