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Paul Adams: Green Eggs and Ham - Mon, 2009-06-01 16:15

I've just arrived in Sweden for the 5th International Conference on Open Source Systems - OSS2009. This year the conference is being held in Skövde, Sweden. This year's keynote speakers will be Stormy Peters and Brian Behlendorf. I'm particularly keen to meet with Stormy who I haven't seen since GUADEC in Birmingham; it would be good to talk before GCDS.

I like OSS. It is a friendly crowd who turn up and the conference always has a good mix of "the usual suspects" and new faces. One of those new faces for this year is Celeste Lyn Paul of KDE Usability fame. Her paper, "A survey of usability practices in Free/Libre/Open Source Software" is presented on Friday. My paper, "Reassessing Brooks' Law for the Free Software Community", will get its outing on Thursday.

In my paper I present a new approach to assessing the role of Brooks' Law and its relevance to Free Software development. This is really a "work in progress" paper. At least it was when I wrote it....

... and having subsequently finished this work I have recently received confirmation that my full paper on this topic has been accepted as a full paper to the International Conference on Software Maintenance. This gives me a great opportunity to start adding to my "I'm going to..." banners.

I'm putting together tentative plans to hold a workshop at Akademy on software quality issues. The idea is for this to be a joint workshop for both KDE and GNOME and a showcase for some of the more import results from SQO-OSS, FLOSSMETRICS and QUALOSS EC-funded research projects. If you are interested in this, please let me know. Unless there is enough up-front support, it will be hard to arrange this.

Edit: Co-Author Fail

One of my co-author's has correctly pointed out that I have used "I" where I should have written "us" and failed to give credit to my co-authors. I apologise unreservedly to Andrea Capiluppi and Cornelia Boldyreff. I am not worthy.

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